About Us

Located under the Quayside Apartments at 69 The Strand East in Whakatane, Savvie Florist is a trendy and refreshing oasis that offers both traditional and outside-the-box floral designs.

Owner Tracy Dixon returned to her beloved Whakatane in 2012 and set up shop with the goal of delivering the highest value products and service to her customers. Styled in black wood, clean lines and lots of light, this little flower shop showcases Tracy’s gorgeous designs and floral expertise. Texture, voids and colour are all considered when styling a new arrangement, and Tracy brings the perfect balance of structure and rustic elements, creating pieces that are both elegant and full of personality.

Upon entering her shop, you will be warmly welcomed and offered personalized, one-on-one assistance. Regulars are greeted by name and conversations from their last visit resume as Tracy inquiries about their family and day-to-day lives. Excellent customer service is just one of the reasons so many keep coming back!

Tracy is equipped to meet all your floral needs, from weddings and gifts to ideas about how to artfully fill a space in your home to create ambience. She has the passion and knowledge to help you from floral selection to plant care and upkeep. In addition, as an Interflora member, Savvie Florist can send flowers around the world on your behalf and you would get the Interflora guarantee.

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